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Should You Watch Devilman Crybaby? Episode 1 Winter Anime 2018

If you follow random anime fans on Twitter, you may have seen lots of art, sometimes cute, sometimes dramatic, always striking, of two young men: one blonde and angelic, one dark and devilish, with the latter sometimes literally in demonic form and often in tears. The art may have confused you into thinking that Devilman Crybaby is some kind of CLAMP-esque BL love story with supernatural overtones: torrid in a soap opera kind of way but otherwise a straightforward romance. Dear God, it is not.

Heart Of Crown Is Game Of Thrones For Weebs And I Love It

I’m not a card game aficionado. I have tried to learn the rules to Magic the Gathering at least seven times, but there’s something about that game my brain refuses to accept: all instructions go in one ear and out the other. I’m also not a good sport: if I lose in a game, the winner of the game and I lose at least 20 relationship points, Sims-style. For that reason, I’m surprised by how much I liked and enjoyed Heart of Crown.


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