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Final Fantasy XIV Housing Is Now Open To Players (And Plenty Of Good Plots Remain)

Last summer, two players on Final Fantasy XIV’s Mateus server made headlines for the ownership of nearly all available land and housing on an entire ward. In a long letter, one of the two players defended themselves by explaining the hard work they’d put in to purchase all the houses across their alt characters and shell free companies in a low-population, low-demand server. Their actions spurred heated debate in the Final Fantasy XIV community.

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Netflix Okays Bright Sequel—Without Max Landis

Directed by Suicide Squad’s David Ayer, the fantasy/buddy-cop/social commentary fell flat on its face for critics, who called it “a bloated, expensive mess,” “a tired buddy-cop movie dressed up in bizarre trappings,” ugly, dumb, incoherent, and preposterously silly,” “a schizophrenic, undisciplined movie that eventually deteriorates,” “a loud, ungainly hybrid,” “stunning in its audacity—and its stupidity”... you get the picture.

Star Wars Spoilers: Rey's Parents And Why Rian Johnson Said What He Said

After years of hearing people complain about how Rey is a magical Mary Sue, whose strength in the Force is impossible and offputting, we are now faced with hearing people complain that Rey isn’t Mary Sue enough. She’s not Han and Leia’s hidden lovechild, Kylo Ren’s secret twin, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s second cousin’s former roommate’s niece or some other type of Skywalker by-blow, as if Skywalkers are the only family to have drama or Force sensitivity in the entire universe.